Every place has its story to tell – how it came to be, how people discovered it, and how countless memories were witnessed by that particular place. If only it could talk, it would go on endlessly in telling weary travelers the many wonderful things it could offer that could soothe a worn-out and tired soul.

It all began with an undeniable love for the sunset that stresses over the vast sea and clouds – as if an artist is mixing hues of red, orange, and yellow in his palette. In an excerpt from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery, the curious but emphatic little prince said that when one is terribly sad, one loves the sunset. Maybe because sunsets serve as a quiet assurance that it will rise again the following day – just like how many of us rise again after a downfall.

We all long for a place to rest – a haven, a temporary home, a refuge, a sanctuary. We are not built to work and worry about deadlines 24/7. Sometimes, in our quest to look for this seemingly elusive sanctuary, we find so much more than what we are looking for.

In a hidden corner in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte lies a camp that in its simplicity, one finds a place to think, to rest, and to get away – the North Beach Camp.

North Beach Camp came from very humble beginnings. It started as a private beach house. With the cool sea breeze and its wide area, it became the perfect place to hold barbeques and picnics together with friends and family.

The owner believed that the place has so much to offer. His friends thought so too. And because they wanted to share the place to the people, they thought of ways on how to make it even more appealing and beautiful.

The lights on the dining area gave a rustic vibe to the place. Under the lights of both the bulbs and the moon, conversations over a cup of coffee or bottles of beer become more meaningful.

The North Beach Camp also has 5 nipa huts that are made from local materials in the province. A hut can house 2 persons with 2 single beds. Ventilation is never a problem because it was designed to let the cool sea breeze in.

With the nipa huts already erected and the lights on the dining area installed, something was still missing. A rock garden was added, with the Kalachuchi flower serving as one of the main attractions in the garden. Moreover, also included was a Zen garden and a smoking area.

The place also boasts of beautiful and witty signages. The camp also practices and advocates environmental awareness and responsibility. In the area, trash bins are seen to remind people to properly throw their garbage.

What was originally intended to entertain clients of Kingfisher Resort, Izakaya 104 Japanese Bar and friends of the owner, North Beach Camp is now accepting bookings for events like small weddings, shower parties, reunions, and other special occasions.

North Beach Camp is run and operated by Bella Magay-Estioco and her husband, Richard Magay.

When people who have sincere hearts gather together and brainstorm on a great undertaking, oftentimes good results are seen. What started as a private place for the gathering of friends and families, North Beach Camp is now finally open to cater guests and travelers who are craving for what Nature, at its best, has to offer.